Drying Agents

ENVIRO DRY® and Class C Fly Ash

The Bakken’s best quality fly ash and drill cutting stabilization products.

EMI has strong expertise in the utilization of various drying and bonding agents including ENVIRO DRY and Class C Fly Ash.  EMI’s ENVIRO DRY generates the most heat and most solid set in the industry. ENVIRO DRY quickly remediates oil base, brine base, or freshwater waste streams into a 100% dry, stabilized material. ENVIRO DRY is produced based on customer specified requirements at EMI’s state-of-the art ash blending facilities. ENVIRO DRY can be shipped directly to your location 24/7 in bulk or in 1-ton weather protecting super sacks that are easy to store and haul where needed.

Wood Crumbles and Sawdust

Wood Crumbles are sold and delivered in 1-ton super sacks.  Studies have proven that our wood crumbles outperform wood pellets in speed and efficiency.

Wood Sawdust is sold and delivered in 800lb super sacks.

Drying Agent Uses

With this experience and knowledge, EMI can service all of your waste stabilization needs by supplying specially blended coal fly ash, lime kiln dust (LKD), syn gyp, lime, and cement kiln dust (CKD) products. These products can serve a wide variety of needs in the field of waste remediation, stabilization, and disposal.

Waste Pit Reclamation – Coal fly ash is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to solidify and stabilize drill cuttings generated in the drilling process . EMI’s ENVIRO DRY and coal fly ash products generate large amounts of heat that dries liquid or fluid waste streams and sets to bond into a solid, dry waste material. This prevents the mobilization of contaminants from waste pits into native soils and groundwater. The result is a safe, stable, and environmentally sound disposal material.

Road Construction – When used in road stabilization, ASTM C618 grade coal fly ashes increase the compressive strength of a soil section and thus improve the load-bearing capacity. This greatly improves compaction and lowers permeability, and it improves longevity when exposed to wear and tear in high traffic project sites where heavy equipment is in use.