EMI Offers New Drilling Lubricant – Encapso™ 

EMI is now offering oil companies in the Bakken a new drilling lubricant called Encapso™ (www.encapso.com). Encapso is at the leading edge of drilling technology.   Unlike traditional lubricants, Encapso is composed of micro-sized cells containing pure, custom-engineered lubricating oil. The days of pouring endless amounts of lubricant into the wellbore are over. These encapsulated, high-grade lubricants remain contained until sufficient operational friction breaks the encapsulation to release the oil on-demand—helping to increase performance and reduce wasted product.

Since March, EMI has been working with its partner Ptarmagin on testing Encapso at numerous Williston Basin wells with very successful results.  These testing results show:

  • 20%INCREASE IN OVERALL ROP (Rate of Penetration)
  • 54% increase in slide ROP
  • 23% decrease in slide time
  • 17% reduction in torque
  • 2 days saved drilling the lateral