Backyard Services Package to Manage Entire Drilling Waste Stream

As the Bakken marketplace stabilizes and transitions from an economic boom to a stabilized industrial development, so
does the way that Environmental Materials Inc. (EMI) will continue to be a leader in the support services sector of the Bakken oil shale development.  As a leading supplier of fly ash products and other drying agents used to dry and stabilize the waste stream produced from drilling, EMI has grown into providing a turn key approach that includes a variety of services. Through a recent partnership with a team of solids control experts, EMI is now providing a full backyard package.  This means that EMI handles the entire waste stream as it comes off of the drilling rig. This includes separating the waste and returning the valuable drilling fluid back to the drilling company for re-use.  EMI is utilizing its Cuttings Processing Mills to efficiently stabilize the cuttings as they drop off of the shakers. Collectively with Warren Transport (, EMI is also providing all of the trucking needs for the drying agents, drilling chemicals, and drill cuttings.  EMI’s partnership with the Chimney Butte landfill ( has allowed EMI to  include the disposal of drill cuttings into its bundled package.  So far, the bundling of services has been well received by EMI’s customer base as they get a great service for a turnkey price.  EMI is also working closely with EnviroWorks ( to expand its bundled services to include building and maintaining pads, laying rig liners, and reclamation services.  For more information on oilfield services packages, contact Terry Cook, EMI General Manager, at 406-794-2355.