Environmental Materials (EMI) markets safe waste management products and services to North Dakota’s Bakken oilfields and beyond.  EMI’s drying agents ENVIRO DRY® and Class C Fly Ash -are the best quality solidification and stabilization products in the industry.  In addition, EMI has a Fluids & Solids Control Support Team who are experts in equipment and practices to support any operation.  This is all complemented by E & P Waste Disposal services.

EMI’s ENVIRO DRY® product is a proprietary blend that has been formulated to best serve individual markets and specific customer needs.  Used extensively as a drying agent to stabilize cuttings, fluids, and various oil field waste streams, ENVIRO DRY® and EMI’s services have been put to the test successfully with many of the largest drilling and solids control companies in the Bakken. With proven performance with fresh water, brine, and oil based drill cuttings, ENVIRO DRY is a superior drying and bonding agent – remediating waste into a 100% dry material with a solid set.

Top of the line product. Wouldn’t use anything else.
Ross Willet, Solids Control Hand for Cleans Harbors, Halcon Resources Drilling Rig

What We Do

EMI's number one goal is top notch customer service. We're on call 24/7 to deliver direct to your location. With operations structured throughout North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming and Colorado, we are prepared to support your dry bulk needs.


  • Bulk Storage
  • Transportation
  • Handling of Drying & Bonding Agents
  • Drying Agent Sales & Services
  • Waste Disposal Services